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STINNETT INVITATIONAL MEET  Calculator:  1st Elva Soto, 4th Jordan Smulders, 5th Omar Perianez, 6th Alondra Soto, TEAM 1st  Elva, Jordan, Omar, Alondra.    Current Issues:  1st Alejandro Chavez, TEAM 2nd Alejandro, Edgar, Kholton, Ethan.    Lit Crit:  4th Sarah Morin, TEAM 3rd Sarah, Jordan, Trinitie.    Math:  2nd Elva Soto, TEAM 3rd Elva, Khya, Omar.    Number Sense:  1st Aidan Weber, 2nd Omar Perianez.    Social Studies:  1st Ethan Vincent, 3rd Jayda Knight, 6th Kholten Ellis, TEAM 1st  Ethan, Jayda, Kholten, Anthony.

DISTRICT 3 MEET RESULTS  CalculatorElva Soto 1st, Omar Perianez 2nd, Jordan Smulders 3rd, Alondra Soto 4th,TEAM 1stCurrent Issues & Events:  Melissa Mize 1st, Alejandro Chavez 3rd, Edgar Chavira 8th, Kholten Ellis 9th, TEAM 1st.  Lit Crit:  Elva Soto 1st, Jordan Smulders 3rd, Trinitie Watson 7th, Sarah Morin 12th, TEAM 1st.  Mathematics:  Elva Soto 1st, Omar Perianez 2nd, Jordan Smulders 3rd, TEAM 1st.  Number Sense:  Omar Perianez 1st, Aidan Weber 2nd, Jackie Garcia 8th, TEAM 1st.  Science:  Kholten Ellis 1st, Tayson Blanco 6th, Jackie Garcia 7th, Zane Thompson 9th, TEAM 1st.  Social Studies:  Ethan Vincent 1st, Jayda Knight 2nd, Anthony Sotello 3rd, Kholten Ellis 6th, TEAM 1st.  Spelling:  Lexi Lopez 1st, Sophie Davis 5th, Mariana Mendoza 6th, Khodee Gomez 8th, TEAM 1st
Hartley had 1 state champion team along with two second place teams at state this year.  Ethan Vincent was also state champion individual.   Results:  State champion calculator- Elva Soto, Jordan Smulders, Omar Perianez, and Alondra Soto.  2nd place team CIE- Alejandro Chavez, Edgar Chavira, Melissa Mize, and Kholten Ellis.  2nd place team Social Studies- Ethan Vincent, Anthony Sotelo, Kholten Ellis, and Jayda Knight.  Individual State Champion- Ethan Vincent Social Studies - Elva Soto 2nd Calculator & 5th mathematics along with Omar Perianez 5th in Calculator..