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Welcome to the Cafeteria

Welcome to the Cafeteria.

Hartley ISD participates in the National School Breakfast and National School Lunch Programs.

Our highly trained staff prepares fresh and nutritious meals daily to provide our students and employees with a great start for the day and healthy meal options for lunch.

Each student has an account with the meal program. Payments to the account are made with the Principal’s Secretary, Carina Morgan. You will be notified if your child needs to have funds added to the account. You will be allowed to charge up to $10 only.


Some of our students qualify for free meals. Applcations will be offered at enrollment and you will need to turn them into Carina Morgan.  If your income changes during the year, we encourage you to complete another application.


Rebecca Zapata - Cafeteria Manager
Rebecca Zapata - Cafeteria Manager

Rebecca Zapata manages the cafeteria and prepares delicious meals for students and teachers. She has been the Hartley School since 2014 and as Food Service Director since 2017.



Hartley ISD encourages students and employees to drink water.

Our bodies are composed of approximately 60% water to aid in digestion, absorption, circulation, transportation of nutrients, maintenance of body temperature and creation of saliva. During times of loss of fluids, such as physical exercise, the body needs to replenish the fluid levels.

Drinking more water may also aid in lowering calorie consumption by drinking water prior or during a meal, and by substituting water  for higher calorie drinks, such as soda.

The students and employees have access to drinking water through water drinking fountains in the public areas of the school building, and may stop for a drink any time during the breaks and between classes.